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What is an Ambulance Chaser? Let Us Explain

When someone has been injured in a car accident, whether as a pedestrian, passenger or driver, it may be upsetting and traumatic. This exposes the injured party to the possibility of a large amount of medical bills, loss of wagesambulance chaser lawyer west palm beach and may implicate other complicated insurance policy issues.

When this happens to a person, they are placed in a vulnerable position. This is when the Solicitor/Ambulance Chaser strikes.

Believe it or not, there are lawyers and doctors that don’t have the requisite reputation and expertise of others in their profession and therefore, can’t rely on client referrals or referrals from other reputable sources. They hire runners who are paid by the case and receive anywhere from $500 to $1,000 each for every injured party they obtain for them. Oftentimes, the injured party may be offered money to “hold them over” until their case can be settled.

What the injured party is not aware of is that their case is part of a volume practice and will be settled for a fraction of what they are worth. The $500 to $1,000 sign-up fee paid to the runner and the “loan” will be taken out of any recovery that they receive. This type of practice is unethical and of course, illegal. Our firm has never engaged in this type of activity and recently we have seen a disturbing trend wherein our clients have been approached in this way and have reported it to us. Unfortunately, this unscrupulous activity continues. If you have been in an accident and received an in person or telephone solicitation, be aware that this is unethical and illegal. Find out who the law firm and/or doctors are that are involved in this activity and report this to me. I will assure you that appropriate action will be taken to notify the proper authorities.

If you have been involved in an accident or feel you have been solicited improperly, please call me at The Law Office of Rafael J. Roca, P.A. (561) 721-1333.

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